About me

It all started with film school, back in 1998, where I majored in cinematic and theatrical lighting. Then, one Film & TV Institute later, I got my Masters, and a job in a very ambitious multimedia centre, where I could do more than just filming and editing.

After some crunch time in the post-production studio and a few years on-set for a big production of TV series, my passion for motion design brought me to major entertainment TV channels in Moscow where I got my first senior positions.

Then, in early 2012, I shifted my focus from motion graphics to product visualization, when I joined an absolutely unique international design & branding studio.

These days, I'm passionate about design, craft, and strategy. I am spending my unforgivingly sunny days in Dubai focusing on managing operations, teams, and creative projects in the fields of VR, AR, Web, 3D, Motion, Social Media, and everything in between.
I'm also a proud member of the Maxwell Render Community and certified Maxwell Render Xpert with a focus on Photorealistic rendering. And I'm happy to debate for hours about quality in lighting and rendering and what makes great visuals stand out.

Feel free to drop me a line here or find me at any of those wonderful places below.