Beta time!

Back in mid-march I've got an email from Daniel (Next Limit) asking if I would be interested in checking out Beta version of Maxwell Studio v 5.1.

Well .. obviously I ran out to the balcony (with very dramatic tune in my head) and screamed YeeeaasS ... but then went ... back to my screen and calmly typed .. 😏 something ...something .. I don't even recall what exactly - but eventually they did sent me an installer.

(scroll down to the bottom to check it out in action)

Firs of all ... Substance Painter material assistant 😱 - works like magic. Check out this image above - it has only 2 Maxwell materials. One for the ground and one for the saber.

Now, beside the fact that both materials were created in (wait for it) 15 seconds, SP material assistant does some clever adjustments under the hood.

On the surface it looks like a list of texture files associated with this material (i.e. Roughness, Normal Map, Diffuse, and etc.) - and that is wonderful - it is as simple as it can be.

Now in those "extremely rare cases" when lightsabers and all the cool grungy looking stuff are not your kind of things, check out this

That's the model from a project I did few years ago.

As you guessed, mouse has a single Maxwell material created in under 5 seconds (4 of which I was navigating through my "never-ending / well organised" folders structure).

It is fast!

And yes, entire keyboard has a single Maxwell material.

Here is a quick video to see Substance Painter Material Assistant in action

Isn't that awesome!?

Cheers! 🙌🏼